FinalBuilder's primary purpose is to allow developers to automate their software build process in a repeatable, predictable manner. FinalBuilder allows you to define your build process easily, allowing you to focus on more interesting and important tasks! Anyone can run the build, with one click (or keystroke!) in FinalBuilder. Builds can be scheduled via the windows scheduler, so automated nightly builds are easy to setup. FinalBuilder saves time, often doing in seconds task that take minutes or hours if done manually.


Dynamic Packages

What do you do when an application gets too large for the OS to handle? Modularize. See how to easily create packages (.BPLs) and load them dynamically from your applicaiton.

Kevin Stanton is an independent consultant doing business as RDB Solutions and has been working with Delphi since version 1.0 dealing with client/server databases and comes from the Paradox and IBM Mid-Range worlds.



Homer Jones will present a commercial document management application built around ImageEn version 1.97 ImageEn is a set of 100% vcl Image processing components. It is a little-known, but viable alternative to ImageLib and LeadTools. While documentation is marginal, the Delphi code examples make up for the deficiency. Using ImageEn enabled Homer to build his own Twain user interface. While one might ask "why", having a uniform user interface makes customer support much easier (you don't need to know every user interface of every scanner manufacturer).


ModelMaker is a modeling / UML tool written in Delphi for Delphi which provides fast class design, diagramming, and code generation. It can also import existing units, provides a structured differencing engine, and can apply templates and patterns to class designs. The presenter has no vested interest in ModelMaker, but has found it to be an invaluable tool.