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Rebuilding the ODUG Web Site<br>with WebBroker

10/20/2003 6:30 am

As mentioned during past meetings, a copy of Kylix 2 Enterprise was given to the Oregon Delphi Users Group to rebuild their web site and learn about and help promote both Kylix and web site development with Borland's Object Pascal tools. That was over a year ago. Well, instead of waiting for someone to have time, we might as well just do it during one of our meetings!


09/15/2003 6:30 am

CodeWright and Delphi are a perfect combination for Delphi programmers. Delphi provides necessary tools for developing applications. CodeWright supplies invaluable tools for analyzing and editing Pascal and other Delphi code.


08/18/2003 6:30 am

Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. It has been used in production systems, under a variety of names since 1981.

Much development has occured since Firebird rose from the ashes of the Open sourcing of Interbase. In this presentation some of the topics we'll explore and demonstrate include:

  • A brief history of Firebird/InterBase
  • A review of Firebird's Features
  • What's new since the open sourcing of InterBase

C#Builder and Borland's Future

07/21/2003 6:30 am

Borland has announced C#Builder, an IDE for Microsoft's .NET platform and the C# language. Even if you have no intention of using C# or .NET, you should pay attention to this product because it is a major milestone for Borland. Borland has created a new IDE core, which will be used in the next Delphi for Windows and Delphi for .NET products. Also of interest to Delphi programmers is a glimpse at Borland's new strategic focus on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Advantage Database 7

06/04/2003 6:30 am

Learn what's new in the upcoming release of the Advantage Database v7.0 scheduled for Fall 2003. Highlighted features for ADS v7.0 included, Full-text Search and Triggers among many others.

Q and A Session

04/21/2003 6:30 pm

There is no formal presentation this month. David Cornelius will provide a laptop with Delphi 6 Professional and several 3rd-party components (including all the TurboPower open source libraries). If anyone has a small project or some questions about code or techniques, please bring your questions or a disk with code that we can load to share and discuss with any others that may attend.

What has TurboPower given us?

03/17/2003 6:30 pm

This month, David Cornelius will explore several of the recently open sourced libraries previously sold commercially by TurboPower Software, one of the largest Delphi and C++Builder 3rd-party tools vendors over the last decade.

Not all the libraries available can be adequately covered in one night. Therefore, we will look at the following code packages (descriptions taken from SourceForge.NET where these code libraries can be obtained):

A Day in the Life

02/17/2003 6:00 pm

Tonight's topic title indicates getting out in the trenches of Delphi development--and that's exactly where we'll be. David Cornelius will share his experience of working on a project that has several interesting aspects.


01/20/2003 6:30 pm

RemObjects SDK is the complete remoting solution for Delphi developers. It allows you to easily build multi-tier applications, publish server logic via SOAP or a custom binary protocol (even at the same time), or even access existing WebServices from your Delphi applications.