Crystal Reports Alternatives


Crystal Reports is a reporting application that can access data from a wide array of sources. It has come bundled with both Delphi and Visual Studio and is now also available as a web-based application. Many people have used Crystal Reports with Delphi through the years.

Tonight's presentation will be by a company that has been using Crystal Reports since Delphi 3. Crystal 8.5, no longer supported, was the last version that let you install a free runtime for every user. It was also the last version that had a VCL SDK. Newer versions of Crystal require either a report server or full installation of Crystal Reports on each workstation. This can get expensive. And the Crystal user interface for entering parameters is really clunky.

So a better and cheaper alternative was sought. This led to the discovery of DataLink Viewer and Visual Cut from Millet Software. Gene Juhos from Sysmatics would like to demo how he uses these products.


There is increasing interest in developing cross-support agreements between ODUG members to provide backup programmer assurance for clients worried about their software being developed by a single person. We will explore various methods this can be accomplished after the main presentation.


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