Embarcadero MVP Visit


To accommodate as many people as possible, we are moving the start time for this month's meeting to 4:00 pm.


Glenn Dufke, an Embarcadero MVP, will be visiting Portland in July and would like to meet fellow Delphi developers around the world. While here, he offered to stop by our group and talk to us on the following topics:

  • Briefly go through how to set up RAD Studio to build and compile for Android Things and what you can do with it;

Arduino Projects


We have something a little different this month. Gene Juhos will bring a couple of Arduino projects he's been working on:

  • Pill dispenser for the Age(d)s
  • Socket head screw safety wire hole deburring machine.

We'll probably have some left-over time, so if you have any hardware projects to add to the discussion, feel free to bring them and share with everyone.


SMS and Missed Meeting Makeup


We'll have a short presentation of how to send SMS messages from a Delphi app. There isn't much to it but might be interesting for some.

We'll fill the rest of the time by covering any previous topics that you'd like. If you've missed a recent ODUG meeting and would like to ask questions or see demos of things that have been missed, come to this meeting and we'll dig stuff out of archives and get you caught up. (If you send a note to the presenter, he'll make sure to get your questions prepared early to save time during the meeting.)


Homer Jones sells insurance agency management software through his company Agency Business Systems. He has been adding features to his application, written in Delphi, for a long time and will show us his latest addition: sending SMS messages.

David Cornelius is a contract software developer building applications for almost any platform, creating client/server and mobile apps, e-commerce integrations for Retail Pro. He writes mostly in Delphi, some in .NET, and uses several web technologies. You can read more about him at Cornelius Concepts, LLC.

Client/Server Mobile App - Part 2


This month, we'll continue exploring the client/server application we looked at last month, but we'll concentrate on the client end. The end result is an Android app that communicates by sending JSON data via REST protocols to the Windows server. We'll use Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and the Firemonkey framework utilizing both a Windows client for quick testing and then deploying to an Android phone. The app will demonstrate login/logout, multiple pages with navigation, using a barcode scanner, and capturing a signature.

Client/Server Mobile App - Part 1


We're going to start off 2019 with a series of meetings that show you how to build a mobile application that talks to a server back-end. David will show a project built with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo that has two parts: 1) a Windows server console application that talks to an InterBase database and provides an API to which a client application connects; and 2) an Android app that connects to the server and communicates JSON data via REST protocols.

This first meeting will introduce the project and go over the database and server application. We will look at a powerful, open source framework for building web apps, called DMVC Framework. We'll show how to establish REST protocols, serialize JSON data, and test and debug your API.

Delphi Chat


For anyone who wants to just chat about Delphi or related technical (or non-technical) topics, David Cornelius will be at the restaurant tonight at the regular time.

End-of-Year Technology Chat


Since our regularly scheduled meeting for November fell on the day before Thanksgiving and NO ONE would be there, we decided to move the meeting date forward a couple of weeks. We don't normally meet in December, but we'll make an exception because it's early enough in the month that it shouldn't conflict with any holiday/family plans.

We won't have a specific presenter but could start off the discussion with how the year went for everyone, touch on some of the interesting news highlights in the tech industry, and go from there.

Remote Access Through a Browser


This is Part II to August's topic in a way because we will be looking at a different way to get your legacy applications to run through a browser. However, this time we'll be looking at a different product from the same company that provided Thinfinity VirtualUI. There are cases where that scenario doesn't quite cut it. Cybele Software provides another solution, Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server.

There are many Remote Desktop clients and other ways to access remote desktops through a browser. We will briefly explore options, then dive into the configuration details of Cybele Software's offering.


David Cornelius is a software developer building applications for almost any platform, creating e-commerce integrations for Retail Pro, and enabling Windows applications to run in the cloud from any HTML5-enabled browser. He writes in Delphi, C#, and uses several web technologies. You can read more about him at Cornelius Concepts, LLC.