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Add Full Text Search to Your Delphi Web Apps

August, 2022


In August, we’ll be honored with a special guest, Ann Lynnworth, co-founder of HREF Tools who will talk to us about their full-text search component, Rubicon. We will meet online in August in order to host Ann who will be presenting to us remotely. Here’s an introduction to the topic:

“Rubicon allows Delphi and C++Builder developers to add full-text search capabilities to their database applications, retaining control of data and indexing and providing both simple wild-card queries and complex search expressions. The components work with all major databases supported by RAD Studio, and even text, RTF, and HTML files. Results can be ranked, matching words automatically highlighted, and with Rubicon’s pre-built indices, most searches take less than 1/10th of a second.”

In tonight’s presentation, Ann will talk about design decisions around making a custom search engine that responds using the Delphi REST components in a DataSnap server application. It will be connected to a PostgreSQL database running in the Amazon cloud and will show how to queue and run searches in a way that makes sense for a multi-user, web-based environment.

Some of the highlights will include:

  • How to provide speed and scalability without massive server costs
  • How to avoid multi-threading collisions yet provide a responsive experience for the user
  • How to add UX value to what people assume is so simple (“just a search box”)
  • How to cater for beginner through to advanced users.

Ann will be available for any questions we may have about the components or the server app show-cased during the presentation.

Download the ODUG Talk PDF


Ann Lynnworth is co-founder of HREF Tools which sells a full-text search component for Delphi called, Rubicon.