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The New ODUG Website

January, 2024


A year ago, David mentioned a growing interest in building websites using Hugo and studying its underlying Go programming language; we took a look at both briefly. After building three small sites from scratch, he converted an existing site built with Drupal; this ODUG website was the result of that effort. A theme was found and modified to make the meeting notices look like Pascal procedures.

It took a bunch of work and that experience will be shared, along with some of the details of how the site is put together, at the January meeting.

The Hugo “source” for the site, in Markdown pages and TOML config files, is all up on GitHub. This means that if you want to contribute, you can clone the site and create pull events. You can also look at the changes to the theme from its original and see how it was modified.


David Cornelius develops software with Delphi, both at his full-time job and in his own business, Cornelius Concepts, LLC. He also builds websites and dabbles with Linux.