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Embedded Browser with Drag-and-Drop

February, 2024


Homer will discuss two topics: 1) how he created a Chromium browser in Delphi 2007, and 2) how he implemented drag ’n’ drop between a VCL app and web page fields. Because Chromium relies on external DLLs, the steps involved in creating a browser in D2007 should apply to later Delphi versions.

The Chromium support files and libraries must reside in very specific relative paths. That becomes a consideration when distributing the application via an install program. We can touch on distribution if there is interest and time permits. The installation app was created using Inno Setup.

Drag and drop was done using Ray Konopka’s excellent DropMaster controls. We will cover a couple of things that, if overlooked, can come back to bite. Demonstration will be done using Homer’s actual commercial applications.


HOMER JONES is currently the President of Agency Business Systems, Incorporated, a Portland-based company providing business management software to the Insurance Industry. He has been programming with Delphi since Delphi 1, and other languages before that going back to key-punched Hollerith cards, commonly called IBM cards by people who mistakenly thought IBM invented them. Old-timers know the heartbreak of spilling a deck of unsequenced cards.