June - Ska4Delphi

Embarcadero has a contest going on right now for creating the most beautiful GUI with Skia for Delphi. Skia is a 2D graphics engine, sponsored by Google, that provides a common API across various hardware and software platforms, including all the major web browsers.

A couple of smart guys in Brazil have created an open source library called, Skia4Delphi to make this API work in both VCL and Firemonkey applications. We'll run their sample programs and perhaps even show some of our own creations at the June meeting.

Logging: Local and Remote

What kind of logging do you implement in your Delphi apps? Do you simply write out a few lines to a .LOG file? Or do you use a library that has detailed and highly structured logging for every action your users take?

What about remote usage reporting? If you distribute a desktop app, how do you know how many people use it and how often?

There's no one true way for everyone or every application. Join us tonight to share what works for you and hear ideas from others.

April Meeting

We're meeting in person this month--and at a new location!

No specific topic planned but we will, as usual, catch up with what we're doing with Delphi and technology in general, share pizza and laughs, and evaluate the new location.

January Meeting - Metadata Extraction

Our main topic for the first meeting of 2022 will be shared by Homer Jones:

If you've ever right clicked a file in Windows Explorer and selected Properties, you may have noticed the Detail tab. Those details list the file's metadata. Depending on the type of file, that metadata can have interesting information about the data in the file (the definition of metadata). Homer will show how to extract that metadata without displaying the actual contents of the file. For example, a PDF document might contain the name of the author, or the company, or other key words. A photograph might contain the same information plus the brand and model of the camera and lens that took the photo. Metadata schema has changed over the years; Homer will show three ways to extract.

December Meeting

We'll meet in December at the same time and at the same place, but we'll discuss moving our meeting location elsewhere because the live music that starts in the main room at 7:00 makes it difficult to hear each other.

Join us for the last ODUG meeting of the year!

Keeping Pop-up Forms Where They Belong

Have you ever locked yourself out of your program by not being able to get to a modal form that somehow got sent behind the main form? Have you struggled with the differences between the Owner and Parent of a form or tried to solve your z-ordering problem by simply setting the FormStyle to fsStayOnTop?

This month, Homer Jones will help decipher all this and give you a great solution to these issues commonly fought when writing Delphi VCL programs having just solved these for his customers.

May In-Person Social Event!

With most ODUG attendees vaccinated now, we are thrilled to be able to meet in person once again!

One of our members has graciously offered their place for a back-yard social. This means there will be no formal technical topic and no online meeting in May.

If you are interested in attending this event, please fill out the RSVP form linked below.


Various topics concerning testing will be discussed this month, including types of testing (e.g. Unit Testing or Integration Testing). Jonathan Eaton will highlight these differences, sharing strengths and weaknesses and when to use which types. David Cornelius will demonstrate the DUnit test framework in Delphi.

Join us online and share your experience with us.


Frames in Delphi are a handy way of grouping controls together and then using them multiple places. You can attach code as well.

This month, Gene Juhos will be demonstrating the uses and benefits of using frames in Delphi.

Tune in to learn and share your experiences!

Inaugural Meeting

Inauguration Day, 2021. A new leader takes the helm of the U.S. amid a challenging pandemic and political upheaval. But technology has not stopped evolving and in fact has advanced faster than usual this last year to embrace the tremendous increase of people working from home but still needing to collaborate.

What's in store for you this year?

December Holiday Chat

We don't usually meet in December but since there are so few holiday events which would normally take us out of our homes we have more time. Plus, many of us need an excuse to see others, if only to verify we're not alone. So we'll take an hour or two online during our normally scheduled third Wednesday and wish each other happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous new year!

November Member Share

Thanksgiving is a time for thankfulness and sharing. For our November meeting, we'll give each attendee an opportunity to share something they've done recently that might be interesting to the rest of the group and to mention something they're thankful for. This has been a crazy year and the goal is we'll encourage each other will cool technological feats or accomplishments.

Hopefully, some of these activities will involve Delphi somehow but we're going to leave it open. Join us online the third Wednesday evening.

See you then!

October Online!

With no end in sight to quarantine restrictions for indoor gatherings, we're going to meet online in October. A link will be provided a week before the meeting, which will be back to our regular schedule: 6:00 PM the third Wednesday of the month.

We won't have a specific topic but will just have an open discussion of how this strange year has affected your business or career. We may also look at the new features of the latest version of Delphi, 10.4 Sydney if people are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!


With the rapid spread of Corona virus, we will support the advice to limit interactions with others until the threat has abated. 

Furthermore, since all restaurants are closed for in-house dining, all future meetings are suspended until further notice.