Tips and Tricks for Newbies

You've installed Delphi, you've built a few cool programs, and you're ready for more! Delphi has one of the greatest IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and beyond the menus lie many hot keys, short-cuts, and programming tricks that will enhance your productivity. Come share your techniques and listen to others with David Cornelius at the keyboard.

We'll cover such things as

  • Window and palette arrangement
  • Keyboard hot-keys
  • IDE plug-ins
  • Programming styles for enhanced readability
  • Uses for the Tag property

Creating an Application Development Framework

Delphi provides several useful facilities for streamlining application development. In this presentation, we'll explore several techniques used in the development of a multi-tier medical research application. Topics covered include:

  • Using non-visual and visual inheritance
  • Custom Form properties and events (available in the object inspector)
  • Using the open Tools API to create form experts
  • Using Patterns.

DBISAM Database System

The subject of this Month's meeting will be the newly released Version 3 of DBISAM. Homer Jones will cover what is now the beta release of the next Version. An important new feature of Version 3 is the Client/Server option. That will be covered during the presentation, along with the new Desktop release. There are some great new features that should make Delphi and C++ Builder developers smile. Here are just a few: No DE required, Database engine compiles into your project (no external DLL), highly SQL-92 compliant, no distribution royalties, and great developer support.

Delphi 6 and Kylix

Come and discover the industry's first RAD Web Services platform! Learn how Delphi 6 makes next generation e-business development a snap, with BizSnap, WebSnap, and DataSnap. Build Web Services and consumers using industry standard XML, WSDL, and other protocols with BizSnap! See how Delphi brings RAD to the Web development team with WebSnap! Learn how Delphi enables you to enter new markets and increase your return on investment by combining with Kylix to use a single code base to develop cross platform Linux/Windows Applications. Your roadmap to the future of software development is here!

Maximum IDE Productivity

How many Environment or Editor options have you looked at? Do you have any Delphi Plug-ins installed?

David will explain how enhancing Delphi 5's IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, has helped him increase productivity. Two plug-ins, GExperts and CodeRush, will show the incredible power of this RAD environment and expand your idea of productivity.


Paradox-to-InterBase Conversion Project

Moving your applications from troublesome Paradox files to robust InterBase? What are some of the things you will encounter? After just finishing up such an application, David will show why you will need stored procedures and triggers when you've lived just fine without them before.


David Cornelius has been a developer for 15 years working mostly on the DOS and Windows platforms using Borland's Pascal compilers. He is currently consulting through ATSI Group

Embedding Word documents in InterBase using OLE

Ed ran into quite a problem while trying to attach Word documents to an Interbase database—nothing seemed to work. He'll show us the method that finally did the trick.

He'll also show the general outline of his system and the objects used. This is very extensive with about 50 forms and 50 tables. All of these are tied together with the users always having the same look and feel no matter where they are in the system.