Borland Delphi 7 Studio Architect

Borland Delphi 7 Studio Architect delivers new, fully integrated technologies for increased developer productivity. Get your
ready for the path to Microsoft .NET with the Delphi 7 Studio migration kit. Learn what is new and improved in the latest Delphi release.

  1. Delphi7 Migration Path to .NET
    • Cover COM .NET Interop.
    • Language additions to support .NET
    • Overview of ASP.NET
    • Overview of Windows Forms
    • Overview of .NET Web Services
  2. RAD Web Development using IntraWeb and Web-Snap

ReportBuilder Server Edition: Introduction to N-Tier Reporting Gone RAD

Publishing reports to remote client applications and web browsers using a standard reporting solution can be a complex, time consuming task requiring the mastery of a diverse set of technologies including multi-threaded programming, Windows Services, Windows Sockets, Windows System Tray applications, COM, I/O Completion Ports/Worker Thread Pools, XML, SOAP Services, ISAPI Thread Pools, XHTML, and JavaScript.

ExpressWeb Framework: Building Web Applications in Delphi

ExpressWeb is a new development framework from Developer Express that implements in Delphi the component architecture of ASP.Net to enable the same template driven web development of JSP or ASP but with a RAD designer. ExpressWeb contains 4 palettes of visual stunning controls to enable you to build professional web sites in the same way you build Windows application with Delphi, and with the total control that defines Delphi.

Ed will give a thorough demo of what ExpressWeb brings to Web development over and above the 3 different technologies already in Delphi.

Dionysus: The next generation of Delphi components available together

Dionysus due to be released in September, brings together for the first time 13 of the best Delphi components from the best VCL control 2 years running (QuantumGrid) to the best Delphi component 2 years running (Report Builder). Professional Delphi Developers already have several of these components, but for the first time everyone from Corporate development shops to independent consultants will be able to purchase all of these controls that are independently available for over $4000 for under $2000.

Designing the User Experience: A Case Study in Building a Usable Interface

In the past few years, Human Factors engineers, Usability professionals, and Computer/Human Interaction practitioners have focused on the question of building usability into products from the outset. Leo Frishberg, local User Experience Architect will present some of the reasons to do pre-development research and design along with "discount usability" techniques and approaches. As part of his discussion, Leo will walk through a Delphi-based application designed using these techniques.


Delphi Debugging Tips and Tricks

This session will cover some Delphi IDE tricks and tips as well as simple debugging techniques available in the IDE. Most of the information for this presentation was gathered at two workshops Shawn attended during BorCon 2002, both presented by Brian Long. Shawn will furnish examples of the tips, tricks and debugging techniques as well as provide links to Brian Long's web site, which has many more items of a similar nature available for Delphi developers.


Effective User Interface Techniques

The subject matter for this presentation is taken (with his permission) directly from Ray Kanopka's session at this year's Borland Conference (track 1126): "The goal of this session is to illustrate the importance of effective user interface design in an application. To reach this goal, a set of user interface guidelines will be presented that apply to virtually all types of applications. In addition, specific attention will be given to user interface design traps to which developers often fall prey."

Numerical Analysis and Processing

Fred has written several statistical and image-processing components in Delphi that he will share with the group this month. The components are implemented as TClientDataSet descendents in order to leverage the power of SQL databases (where available), yet uses in-memory storage and minimal disk I/O for high speed processing. The components cover several aspects of numerical analysis including: Linear Regression, Bivariate Regression-Predicted Values, Multivariate Regression, 1-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and more.

BorCon 2002 Overview

This year's Borland Conference, BorCon 2002, highlighted .NET and the exploding Web Services market. Anders Hejlsberg, a former Borland employee now spearheading the C# language and a key participant of the .NET framework at Microsoft, gave Monday's keynote talk and announced Delphi 7 coming later this year. These and other highlights will be shared at the June meeting by a panel of BorCon attendees from Oregon. If you couldn't attend BorCon, you gotta come to ODUG this month!

A Panel Presentation