Delphi 2005 Launch Tour

Come see the Ultimate Delphi at your local user group and learn everything about Delphi 2005 for .NET, Win32 and C#, including but not limited to, refactoring, unit testing, Enterprise Core Objects II, etc, etc.

The list of incredibly cool stuff in this feature packed release just goes on and on.

You don't want to miss this chance to see it all, and be able to win a copy, as well as getting a show special. That's right, a special price for just you - and that's not all. You'll get other cool stuff too - how does a T-shirt sound?


A lot has changed with Elevate Software's popular database engine since we last looked at it. With server procedures, scheduled server events, online backup and restore, Kylix support, custom SQL and filter functions, improved documentation, and much more, DBISAM 4 takes a great database product and makes it incredible!

BorCon 2004 Review

This year's Borland Conference was, as usual, packed full of information and previews. Diamondback and SDO were just two of the buzzwords used this year. This presentation will bring you up-to-date on the latest technology from the Borland world.

Some specific items that will be presented include:

  • DiamondBack (the next release of Delphi)
    • hear about the new IDE and compiler features
    • see Diamondback in action
  • Is Kylix dead?
  • The Borland Roadmap and SDO


General Q-and-A / Stump the Programmer

Given the fact that I don't have time to put together another presentation and that people are probably tired of listening to me anyway, I'm just going to host a general question-and-answer period, a networking session if you will. We can combine that with attempts stump-the-programmer where anyone can give or take a challenge, man the keyboard and test their Delphi skills.

InnoSetup and GExperts - Increasing Productivity and Automating Builds

Many times when people talk about open source, they talk about Linux or having to download source archives, read lengthy HOWTOs and follow cryptic installation instructions. And when people want really easy-to-install and user-friendly tools, they often look first to high-priced ones from big-name companies. But there are two nearly indispensible products that many Delphi developers use which are not only user-friendly and easy to install, but also completely free!

On-line Resources / Rich Applications - A View Through the Eyes of the User

How do users perceive the difference between a rich application and an online resource? What processes should developers use to capture these differences? How are projects affected by the results of these processes? Leo Frishberg, a software developer, usability consultant, and user-centered designer, will talk about user-centered design in the context of the Web vs. the desktop. Using examples from projects in both environments, Leo will point out the similarities and differences in users' expectations, approaches, and behaviors when faced with an application or online resource.

Good Coding Practices

This month's presentation will be an interactive discussion on Good Coding Practices. David Cornelius will launch the discussion covering the following topics:

  • Indentation and spacing
  • Good naming conventions
  • Writing robust code
  • And why everyone needs version control!


Here's your chance to participate in an interactive discussion with Pervasive Software experts Chip Izard and Jim Beecher as they discuss Pervasive's Data Management Security and Data Integration solutions.

What's in it for you? Just by showing up you'll learn how to:

  • Reduce the security risks to the data in your apps
  • Manage and integrate data across or beyond your enterprise
  • Deliver timely access to corporate information

Don't know Pervasive? You should.

Delphi 8 Tour!

Borland will be presenting Delphi 8 in locations throughout the US. We'll show you all the reasons why you should make Delphi 8 part of your .NET plans.

Here's a very brief taste of what we'll be looking at:

  • ECO (Enterprise Core Objects)
  • WinForms
  • WebForms (ASP.NET)
  • BDP for .NET (Borland Data Providers)
  • VCL for .NET
  • IDE features
  • Compiler/language feature

The New ODUG Web Site

The votes are in--a new template for the web site has been chosen! The new HTML pages will have WebBroker tags throughout and the resulting pages generated by OdugWebBuilder, a Delphi/Kylix application. The Pascal code contains a reusable base class that can be extended for a variety of databases. In fact, it was first designed to work with DBISAM a couple of years ago, but tonight's presentation will describe the Firebird version.