Delphi 2006 Roadshow

Dexter is the next version of Delphi, Delphi 2006. It is a 64-bit compiler supporting the latest Win32 and .NET environments. Come learn about the next version of Pascal/C++/C# compilers from Borland and see ECO III in action (it's child's play!).

There will be give-aways, including a copy of Delphi 2006. You won't want to miss it!


Anders Ohlsson from Borland Software Corporation (http://borland.com)

Advantage Database and More!

The topics that will be covered during this presentation include:

Advantage TDataSet Descendant VCL for .NET, the BDP.NET provider and the native Advantage NET Data Provider. Advantage Database is one of the few database solutions that provide complete support for Delphi 2005.

Advantage Version 8.0 is currently in Beta. The new version includes replication, on-line backup, scripting, transaction savepoints, and a newly re-designed Advantage Data Architect.

ODUG Business Meeting

This month, instead of a technical presentation, we will meet to discuss how to increase membership and participation. This forum serves an important place in the development community, not only for Delphi developers, but for all programmers. However, with attendance dwindling over the last couple of years, the burden of getting good speakers has risen.

3D Graphics with DirectX

Lights! Sounds! Monsters!

You know you've always wanted to be writing games instead of... whatever you're getting paid for at the moment. Tonight we'll look at doing graphics in Delphi. The talk will focus on using DirectX for Windows to create 3D graphics and the efforts of the JEDI team to make DirectX more accesable to Delphi programmers. We'll also touch on input (keyboard, joystick, etc.) and perhaps sound.

As for writing Doom 7... well, you have to start somewhere!


General Q-and-A

With no specific agenda, but with 3 different versions of Delphi (5, 6, 2005) on my computer and several 3rd-party vendors, bring your questions or a CD of your project and we'll learn together.


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and runs a contract software development business in Portland. Visit his web site at CorneliusConcepts.com for more information.