For many projects today, it is not enough to work in Delphi. Projects extend to the web. At our January meeting we'll be exploring how to work with HTML, with an emphasis on the newly-approved HTML 5 standard. Our vehicles of exploration for this presentation will be Delphi and HTML5 Builder. We'll look at what works - and doesn't - with these Embarcadero tools. There will also be an open discussion of people's favorite HTML editor.


Our main presenter, Chris Newcombe, finances his lifestyle of gaming and outdoor pursuits by leveraging his knowledge of Delphi, C#, HTML, and PHP. A longtime ODUG member and Borland/Embarcadero enthusiast, he actually bought HTML5 Builder when it came out. Sadly he has not yet bought a decent phone so he can fully explore mobile applications - but we're nagging him about that :-)


Fanno Creek Brew Pub
12562 Main Street
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 624 9400
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NOTE: Happy Hour prices DO NOT apply to ODUG members because we get their meeting room for free.
Please support the restaurant's normal prices to allow our group to continue the use of this location.