There's a pretty cool framework in .NET from DevExpress called XAF. We'll start out with some tech talk and see if there's anything Delphi related that we'd like to discuss. Then demonstrate some of the cool features XAF has to offer and why some of the things it's trying to do may become the norm over time in software development.

Tech Talk


Tonight, we'll just hang out and talk. If someone would like to demo something they've been working on lately that would be wonderful. If nothing else we can fire up Delphi and play with the new REST features they've been adding. It might be fun to have a small database and just explore questions we might have about this technology together.

Photo Kiosk Project


This month, we'll take a look at a project that involved multiple technologies.

A church requested a touch-screen enabled member photo display in their lobby. After some research and looking at options, it was decided the display would be built in HTML5 using jQuery libraries to provide picture zooming and layout control and so that it could work on multiple devices with varying screen sizes. The list of member names and picture filenames was maintained in two spreadsheets, one sorted by last name and one sorted by first name.

DevArt Database Libraries


DevArt Software is once again sponsoring our meeting and will offer the standard 20% discount and one product license give-a-way to a randomly chosen attendee. We will have a discussion about their Data Access Tools, or DAC for short. I will show some demos, some prepared by DevArt, some written by myself. They will cover SQLServer, SQLite, VirtualTable, and MySQL database connections.

We will also have some audience participation to cover Firebird support through IBDAC and will touch on Oracle considerations. Anyone with experience in DevArt database connection products is welcome and encouraged to share your experience.