Photo Kiosk Project


This month, we'll take a look at a project that involved multiple technologies.

A church requested a touch-screen enabled member photo display in their lobby. After some research and looking at options, it was decided the display would be built in HTML5 using jQuery libraries to provide picture zooming and layout control and so that it could work on multiple devices with varying screen sizes. The list of member names and picture filenames was maintained in two spreadsheets, one sorted by last name and one sorted by first name.

With these parameters, the challenge was laid. A Delphi program was written to extract the data in the spreadsheets to HTML using WebBroker and template files. In order to facilitate testing, a set of sample data needed to be generated. So DevArt's dbForge Data Generator was used and then another Delphi program was created to generate spreadsheets for testing from the sample database.

The whole project was open sourced and is now on GitHub.


David Cornelius is a software developer, currently implementing SaaS solutions for lending institutions at Black Knight Financial Services. He has used Delphi since Turbo Pascal 3 and dabbles in other technologies such as .NET, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and web programming. You can read more about him at Cornelius Concepts.


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