Chocolatey for Delphi


If you've ever used Linux, you may be familiar with software package managers such as RPM or APT to easily install and update software along with their dependencies. A few years ago, someone decided that Windows should be able to enjoy this same ease of maintaining software packages and started Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows using PowerShell scripts and the NuGet infrastructure.

Typically, when installing software, you need to look for them on the web, select a mirror to download from, go to your downloads folder, launch the installer, acknowledge licenses, then repeating for each program. Once you get setup to run Chocolatey scripts, you can run simple commands to automate this. For example, to install Chrome and Firefox browsers and the AdBlockPlus extension on each, simply run these four PowerShell commands:

choco install googlechrome
choco install firefox
choco install adblockpluschrome
choco install adblockplus-firefox

and in a few moments, your two favorite browsers will be ready to use. Of course, you could put these commands along with several others into a script, save it to USB drive or online storage, and re-run it any time you're setting up a new environment.

How much time could you save next time you need to setup a new development machine if you could install all your favorite tools by running a script? Or what if you could run an update script once a week that would check for updates to all your software and update them for you?

THAT is the whole goal of Chocolatey--saving time. Lots of time!

Many of the packages in the Chocolatey public repository are open source, others require a license after installing such as Visual Studio Professional. Unfortunately, (at the time of this writing) there are no packages to install Delphi. However, there is a way to create your own Chocolatey packages to install your own licensed and locally stored software, automatically put in license keys, and automate the process.

That's what we'll see tonight--how to get your own licensed copy of Delphi ready for quick installs. Come tonight and watch a new virtual machine get setup, ready with browsers, tools, databases, and of course, Delphi, in ONE hour!


David Cornelius is a contract software developer building applications for almost any platform, creating ecommerce integrations for Retail Pro, and enabling Windows applications to run in the cloud from any HTML5-enabled browser. He writes in Delphi, Free Pascal, C#, PowerShell, and uses several web technologies. You can read more about him at Cornelius Concepts.


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