Remote Access Through a Browser


This is Part II to August's topic in a way because we will be looking at a different way to get your legacy applications to run through a browser. However, this time we'll be looking at a different product from the same company that provided Thinfinity VirtualUI. There are cases where that scenario doesn't quite cut it. Cybele Software provides another solution, Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server.

There are many Remote Desktop clients and other ways to access remote desktops through a browser. We will briefly explore options, then dive into the configuration details of Cybele Software's offering.


David Cornelius is a software developer building applications for almost any platform, creating e-commerce integrations for Retail Pro, and enabling Windows applications to run in the cloud from any HTML5-enabled browser. He writes in Delphi, C#, and uses several web technologies. You can read more about him at Cornelius Concepts, LLC.


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