XML Binding and REST Servers


We'll be going over how to create XML documents in Delphi using the XML Binding Wizard to create the document from either an XSD or XML file. We'll use a web broker based REST server to serve up the document and then read it in using a Delphi client. As we do that we'll define what a REST server is and why it's replacing SOAP servers.

We will also look at using the web services wizard to read in WSDL from a SOAP based web service. This is nice because we can see how it hides all the complexities of XML from us. Delphi Pro will be used, but we can discuss what DataSnap is capable of doing as well. We'll also discuss JSON because in many places it is starting to replace XML where the complexities of XML are not necessary.

If there is time we will create JSON from the web broker server and read it in using a Delphi client. The push towards simplification of the data we transfer on the web right now is strong so we need to understand each of these technologies as well as how they have influenced each other.


Ron Grove has been in the IT Services area for many years but picked up Delphi along the way to maintain some in-house programs. He recently joined Retail Dimensions, Inc. as a Delphi developer and brings a strong interest in mobile services to the team.


The success we've had at Fanno Creek Brew Pub for our first two meetings looks promising enough that we scheduled this month and next month there as well. If no one has any issues with the place, it will become our new permanent meeting place for ODUG. The address is repeated below for your convenience:

Fanno Creek Brew Pub
12562 Main Street
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 624 9400
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