Touch and Gesture Capabilities


Last summer, a member of the group brought a multi-touch enabled laptop to an ODUG meeting. Of course everyone wanted to see a touch enabled application written in Delphi. He now has a demo ready that shows some of these capabilities in a business application.

The term “business application” was stretched a bit when Embarcadero came to town during the XE2 tour and explained how FireMonkey is the new way to write business applications. You won't see data rotating on a cube or have to sit through yet another photo album example that attempts to wow the audience by zooming in on a picture. Instead, this demo will show how you can make your existing business applications more intuitive by tapping into the natural human tendency to want to manipulate what is seen on the screen with a finger--and how that differs from using a mouse.

Suggestions from the audience will be solicited throughout the meeting to make the application even better. Source code to the application will be made available after the meeting.


David Cornelius has been developing software since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and is a software development manager at Retail Dimensions. You can read more about him and his programming interests on his web site, Cornelius Concepts.


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