Advantage Database Server and XTNDConnect RPM

Chuck Vertrees from Extended Systems, Inc. will be presenting a technical overview and demonstration of Advantage Database Server and XTNDConnect RPM. Don't miss this informative presentation covering all areas of Delphi development for client/server, n-tier and mobile/wireless environments. Valuable door prizes will be given!!

Advantage Database Server Advantage Database Server is a scalable, high performance client/server DBMS for networked, standalone, Internet and mobile database applications. The Advantage Database Server supports the NetWare, Windows NT/2000, and Windows 95/98 operating systems.

  • Native SQL on both the remote and local server
  • Fully scalable-write once, deploy anywhere
  • Provides industry-leading filter optimization for Advantage applications
  • Royalty-free distribution for local and shared environments
  • Eliminates cost of ongoing administration-no database administrator required
  • Fast and easy to install using existing network file system and hardware
  • Protects database applications against network failure and user error through a centralized storage management system

XTNDConnect RPM XTNDConnect RPM (Remote Procedure Middleware) is an extendable, embedded, n-tier server that makes distributed application development easy. XTNDConnect RPM provides a suite of programming tools designed specifically for Delphi for the fastest middle-tier development possible. Middle-tier architecture can provide many benefits over traditional two-tier database applications, such as centralized business rules, centralized code maintenance and database abstraction.

  • Provides real-time access to enterprise server processes for mobile and Windows applications
  • Supports Palm Computing, Windows, and Windows CE Windows CE 2.11 - 3.0/PocketPC devices
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use thin-client architecture
  • Secure, reliable connections; Session SafeGuard and Guaranteed Delivery
  • State or stateless connection models
  • Native, ODBC, or ADO access to any database server


Chuck Vertrees from Extended Systems, Inc.