ASTA 2.6 and ASTA InterOp

Steve Garland from ASTA Technology Group will present his company's Flagship Products ASTA 2.6 and ASTA InterOp for Linux and Windows. Throughout the presentation, Rob Schuff will highlight ASTA in use in a real-world Medical Research application currently used at the Oregon Health & Science University's General Clinical Research Center.

ASTA has been in development since 1997 after Delphi Chief Architect Chuck Jazdzewski visited the Boise Delphi User Group and told us about the new open TDataSet model in Delphi 3 along with the new borland sockets. Within 2 weeks we had AstaClientDataSets streaming across the Internet.

It took us 7 months then to develop ASTA 1.0 which was released in July of 1998 after a large beta. ASTA 2 was released in October 1999 adding server side components like the TAstaProvider and TAstaBusinessObjectsManager. ASTA 2.1 was released in February 2000, ASTA 2.5 was released in December 2000 and ASTA 2.6 was released in June 2001 and reviewed by the Delphi Informant Magazine which later declared ASTA a runner up winner in the Best Database Connectivity Award for the year 2000 and 2001.

ASTA 2.6 is a mature product with a very large feature set with a help file that is almost 1 meg in size, almost 100 tutorials and support for 25 different Delphi 3rd Party Database Components that can be used on ASTA servers. ASTA has users in over 75 countries world wide with thousands of ASTA application deployed world wide running over LANS, WANS and the Internet. ASTA has continued to be an N Tier innovator with new features like ASTA Middleware Triggers and Default Values and Provider Broadcasts and continuing with true cross platform support for Palm, WinCE, Linux PDA and Java Clients.

ASTA Design Goals

  1. Allow Database Developers to use their existing skills to develop N tier Applications so that existing applications could be quickly ported to ASTA using Client Side SQL
  2. Allow Experienced N Tier developers to use their N Tier Skills in extending ASTA servers using advanced N Tier features
  3. Build very scalable and easy to deploy servers and handle all Threading Issues internally so that Developers could concentrate on building applications
  4. Allow Thin Client Applications that could be deployed with NO DLL's and build in the ability to have client exe's update themselves when new versions were registered on the server
  5. Require only SQL Select statements so that all insert, update and delete SQL could be generated by ASTA components
  6. Build an easy to use Messaging Layer so that Database Application Developers that had NO tcp/ip experience could easily stream any kind of data across the internet
  7. Abstract the server side so that any Delphi 3rd Party Component could be easily plugged into an ASTA Server


Steve Garland from ASTA Technology Group ( and ODUG Member, Rob Schuff