DBISAM Database System

The subject of this Month's meeting will be the newly released Version 3 of DBISAM. Homer Jones will cover what is now the beta release of the next Version. An important new feature of Version 3 is the Client/Server option. That will be covered during the presentation, along with the new Desktop release. There are some great new features that should make Delphi and C++ Builder developers smile. Here are just a few: No DE required, Database engine compiles into your project (no external DLL), highly SQL-92 compliant, no distribution royalties, and great developer support. If you want to know more about DBISAM go to www.elevatesoft.com. It is worth the trip.

The presentation topics will be:

  1. Application development using DBISAM (it's almost too easy).
  2. Creating database tables using the DBISAM System Utility (beats database desk top). Part of this will include a little database design theory so you can get the best performance from DBISAM (or other database applications for that matter).
  3. BDE Database Transfer Utility - convert any database with a BDE Alias to DBISAM (it's so easy it feels like cheating).
  4. Migrating a DBISAM Desktop application to Client/Server.
  5. Client/Server Administration
  6. Comparisons between DBISAM and MS Access (and others RDBMS if prep time permits). This will include Performance, Data Integrity, Ease of data maintenance, and restructuring data via code.


HOMER JONES is currently the President of Agency Business Systems, Incorporated, a Portland-based company providing office management software to the Insurance Industry. He has served as an MIS manager for General Motors Corporation, System Sales Manager for Control Data Corporation, and Programmer Analyst for ADP. Homer received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University and taught System Documentation at San Jose State University.