Creating an Application Development Framework

Delphi provides several useful facilities for streamlining application development. In this presentation, we'll explore several techniques used in the development of a multi-tier medical research application. Topics covered include:

  • Using non-visual and visual inheritance
  • Custom Form properties and events (available in the object inspector)
  • Using the open Tools API to create form experts
  • Using Patterns.

If time allows, we will demonstrate the effect of these techniques in an actual application designed for a busy medical research facility.

Many of the techniques presented draw from the wisdom and expertise of Ray Lischner (Hidden Paths of Delphi 3) and white papers from Xavier Pacheco, former Delphi Engineer, now of Xapware Technologies.


Rob Schuff is Informatics Core Director at the Oregon Health & Science University General Clinical Research Center. He received his education from Portland State University and holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. He is a self-taught application designer and programmer who began using Delphi in July of 1995 (Delphi 1) after using Paradox for Windows.

In Rob's current position at OHSU he provides direction and oversight on several small to medium applications, hardware, and general long-term direction for the General Clinical Research Center's Informatics Core.