Tips and Tricks for Newbies

You've installed Delphi, you've built a few cool programs, and you're ready for more! Delphi has one of the greatest IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and beyond the menus lie many hot keys, short-cuts, and programming tricks that will enhance your productivity. Come share your techniques and listen to others with David Cornelius at the keyboard.

We'll cover such things as

  • Window and palette arrangement
  • Keyboard hot-keys
  • IDE plug-ins
  • Programming styles for enhanced readability
  • Uses for the Tag property
  • Typed-constant tricks


David Cornelius has been a developer for 15 years working mostly on the DOS and Windows platforms using Borland's Pascal compilers. He is currently writing client-server applications using MS SQL Server, InterBase, and DBISAM. See his web site,, for more information.