Numerical Analysis and Processing

Fred has written several statistical and image-processing components in Delphi that he will share with the group this month. The components are implemented as TClientDataSet descendents in order to leverage the power of SQL databases (where available), yet uses in-memory storage and minimal disk I/O for high speed processing. The components cover several aspects of numerical analysis including: Linear Regression, Bivariate Regression-Predicted Values, Multivariate Regression, 1-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and more. See his web site for a preview.


Fred Edberg is a Delphi developer living and working in the Portland area. He is a former "Windows Developer" with a subsidiary of ODS Health Plans where he maintained and enhanced a client/server application which processed A/R, billing, claims, etc. and developed an Imaging application as well. Earlier, he worked for the US Army as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist and Geographer where he developed a GIS for the planning and management of natural resources at a military installation.

Fred earned a BSc and MSc in the Geosciences specializing in digital mapping technologies. He completed his thesis research with the development and comparison of statistical classification algorithms for satellite image data.

His interests lie in data analysis, statistics and image processing - especially when using Delphi - and has been known to play Spanish tunes on the classical guitar.