Effective User Interface Techniques

The subject matter for this presentation is taken (with his permission) directly from Ray Kanopka's session at this year's Borland Conference (track 1126): "The goal of this session is to illustrate the importance of effective user interface design in an application. To reach this goal, a set of user interface guidelines will be presented that apply to virtually all types of applications. In addition, specific attention will be given to user interface design traps to which developers often fall prey."

Ray's session at BorCon was to a very large, attentive audience and he presented the topic well. While David cannot hope to draw the same size crowd as the world-renown speaker, he feels it is a very important topic and hopes to get the same important key points across. It should be stressed that this is not specific to Delphi.


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software tools for over 15 years, using mostly the Object Pascal language. He is currently employed at Oregon Health & Science University developing software for researchers using Delphi and InterBase.