Designing the User Experience: A Case Study in Building a Usable Interface

In the past few years, Human Factors engineers, Usability professionals, and Computer/Human Interaction practitioners have focused on the question of building usability into products from the outset. Leo Frishberg, local User Experience Architect will present some of the reasons to do pre-development research and design along with "discount usability" techniques and approaches. As part of his discussion, Leo will walk through a Delphi-based application designed using these techniques.


Founding principal of Phase II (http:/, a computer based consulting service, Mr. Leo Frishberg ( has been an avid programmer since Algol 68. As a User Experience Architect, Frishberg concerns himself with how to make products more engaging, seductive and pleasant for the targeted user audience. Relying heavily on rapid prototyping, discount usability and iterative development approaches, Frishberg is an evangelist for engaging the user as early and often as possible in the product development cycle. Currently, he is the Program Chair for CHIFOO, Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon, a local special interest group of the ACM.