Dionysus: The next generation of Delphi components available together

Dionysus due to be released in September, brings together for the first time 13 of the best Delphi components from the best VCL control 2 years running (QuantumGrid) to the best Delphi component 2 years running (Report Builder). Professional Delphi Developers already have several of these components, but for the first time everyone from Corporate development shops to independent consultants will be able to purchase all of these controls that are independently available for over $4000 for under $2000.

As a professional developer experienced with many of these components Ed will give us a brief of what Dionysus means and why this is something totally new in the Delphi Market

Visit the Project Dionysus web site.


Ed Dressel is Senior Software Engineer for The Annuity People, Inc., which develops point-of-sale software for retirement analysis products. (Customers include companies such as Nationwide Insurance, MetLife and Security benefit). Prior work included developing software for real-time plant-wide data acquisition in the manufacturing industry, as well as various contractual projects.

Ed is a member of Developer's Express' DX-Squad and Digital-Metaphors' Team-DM (both peer-to-peer newsgroup support team). He has worked with Delphi since Turbo Pascal version 3.