Internet Direct (Indy), Rave Reports 4.0

Nevrona Designs will be presenting a talk on Internet Direct (Indy) and other open source Internet components available in Inprise/Borland products. Also, an overview of their new product release Rave Reports 4.0 will be presented.

Rave Reports allows you to transform your database into useful information and gives you the freedom to present it to your users over the web in the format they desire. Additionally, one of our lucky members will receive a FREE Rave 4.0 license!


We are delighted to have as our special, out-of-town guest, Chad Hower, Vice President of Engineering for Nevrona Designs. Chad was a featured speaker at the 11th Annual Borland Conference this summer in San Diego and his presentation on Internet, Sockets, and TCP/IP Programming and Development was so popular that a second presentation had to be scheduled.

Chad Hower's programming career started in 1981 at Pennsylvania State University. He has since mastered more languages than a United Nations translator and is an expert
in multiple operating systems, databases, and protocols. Chad's professional excellence and contributions won him the Technical Assistance Recognition Award (C++ Builder)
from Inprise /Borland. He also writes for Delphi Magazine and VB Online in his spare time.

Nevrona Designs is a company rooted in the future, who creates unique possibilities for their customers. Nevrona is committed to providing solutions to those on the cutting
edge of technology.