Here's your chance to participate in an interactive discussion with Pervasive Software experts Chip Izard and Jim Beecher as they discuss Pervasive's Data Management Security and Data Integration solutions.

What's in it for you? Just by showing up you'll learn how to:

  • Reduce the security risks to the data in your apps
  • Manage and integrate data across or beyond your enterprise
  • Deliver timely access to corporate information

Don't know Pervasive? You should.

Pervasive.SQL provides support for the Delphi community through the Pervasive Direct Access Components (PDAC), a plug-in replacement for the Borland Database Engine.

PDAC delivers the reliability and quality of Pervasive.SQL under the covers, combined with high-speed access to the rich database interface provided in Delphi without forcing you to learn an entirely new interface.

Get the scoop on Pervasive's latest data security products and find out how Pervasive delivers complete, secure data management and integration solutions for developers like you:

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Chip Izard and Jim Beecher from Pervasive (