Good Coding Practices

This month's presentation will be an interactive discussion on Good Coding Practices. David Cornelius will launch the discussion covering the following topics:

  • Indentation and spacing
  • Good naming conventions
  • Writing robust code
  • And why everyone needs version control!

Some example code, both personally written and commercially sold, will be shown--and you'll get to help decide how well it was written! A free tool for quickly formatting poorly-written code will be shown and a few IDE tricks for speeding up development while preserving readable style will be revealed. Also, a list of web sites for further reading will be provided.

Version control systems will be discussed and you will see that even if you're a single developer, everyone can benefit from using one.

Most importantly, YOU will have a part in sharing your experiences, both good and bad. Come join in the discussion and learn from your colleagues.


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software tools for 16 years, using mostly the Object Pascal language. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and writes software and builds web sites using Delphi, Kylix, PHP, Firebird, DBISAM, and MySQL.