InnoSetup and GExperts - Increasing Productivity and Automating Builds

Many times when people talk about open source, they talk about Linux or having to download source archives, read lengthy HOWTOs and follow cryptic installation instructions. And when people want really easy-to-install and user-friendly tools, they often look first to high-priced ones from big-name companies. But there are two nearly indispensible products that many Delphi developers use which are not only user-friendly and easy to install, but also completely free! The two products discussed tonight are InnoSetup and GExperts.

InnoSetup is a powerful setup creation tool for Windows that rivals many commercial installers. With scripting, pre-processing, command-line parameters, support for all versions of Windows, registry and .INI file support, DCOM and MDAC installation, and single-exe creation, there's almost no task too big.

GExperts has been presented at ODUG before, but it's good to review the myriad of features available in this Delphi IDE plug-in. From the simple ASCII chart, to a PE Explorer, to a Code Librarian, to the multi-line component palette, we'll be pressed for time to cover it all. Not everything can be covered in detail, but you will have a good overall introduction to the set of powerful features available.

David will show how using these two products in conjunction has enabled him to automate a build process using one installation script and set of source code that produces two similar, but critically different applications, thus reducing errors and increasing productivity.


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and runs a software development business. Visit his web site at for more information.