BorCon 2004 Review

This year's Borland Conference was, as usual, packed full of information and previews. Diamondback and SDO were just two of the buzzwords used this year. This presentation will bring you up-to-date on the latest technology from the Borland world.

Some specific items that will be presented include:

  • DiamondBack (the next release of Delphi)
    • hear about the new IDE and compiler features
    • see Diamondback in action
  • Is Kylix dead?
  • The Borland Roadmap and SDO


Phyllis Helton is the Information Services Manager, Analyst, Designer and Lead Developer for The JESUS Film Project where she has been programming for the past 10 years. Phyllis works from home, 1,000 miles away from the other three members of the development team. She is a self-taught developer, starting her programming in Paradox 4.0 for DOS, then moving to PL/SQL for Oracle, then finally to Delphi, which she has been using for the past 4 years.