A lot has changed with Elevate Software's popular database engine since we last looked at it. With server procedures, scheduled server events, online backup and restore, Kylix support, custom SQL and filter functions, improved documentation, and much more, DBISAM 4 takes a great database product and makes it incredible!

Winning awards year after year, it is often touted as the best BDE replacement for Delphi. But even if you aren't looking to move up to something more stable and easier to deploy than Paradox or Access, it's reliability, speed, small footprint, SQL language, and royalty-free distribution license and many other features are reasons enough to choose it over other products.

DBISAM's libraries can be compiled right in to your application's .EXE. It comes with in-memory table support that replicates identical functionality of its file-based counterparts. Applications can share data files on a network or attach to a DBISAM server for LAN or Internet connectivity using strong encryption. And if you have unique needs or just want to see how it works underneath, the full source code to the database engine and supported utilities is available. All this while looking and acting virtually like the standard TTable and TQuery components you're already familiar with.

Come see a demonstration of DBISAM in a real-world application, get to know its feature set better, and possibly be the lucky winner of one of tonight's door prizes!


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and runs a contract software development business in Portland. Visit his web site at CorneliusConcepts.com for more information.