Build Scripts and InnoSetup

If you didn't get your copy of FinalBuilder in February, come to the meeting in April to learn about setting up batch files with command-line compiler options to automate your build tasks. And even if you do have FinalBuilder, come anyway to learn how to use a free, but commercial-quality setup-building tool, InnoSetup.

David Cornelius has been maintaining his own scripts since he started programming in the 80s on DOS PCs. He'll show you where the right list of Delphi compiler options is in the help file (they aren't all listed in all places) and how to use macros to make your scripts much shorter.

But the bulk of the evening will cover InnoSetup. With as much power as any build setup tool and with plenty of documentation, it is hard to believe this tool is free--yet it keeps getting even better! Use pre-processing, macros, wizards, a syntax-highlighted editor, online help, and an active newsgroup to build your software installations. David will show how one InnoSetup script is used to build full and upgrade setups for two varieties of his main Delphi application. This combined with powerful batch files allows true single-click launch of his complete build setup process, includng uploading of the finished executables to his web site.

Try it out ahead of time by downloading InnoSetup from and bring your questions!


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group and runs a contract software development and web site building business in Portland. Visit his web site at for more information.