Java Study

In our continuing exploration on other programming langages and platforms, we cannot ignore Java. By using the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), the programmer can write once and run (almost) everywhere--at least more places than .NET can currently boast. Developers can write GUI client apps, enhance web pages, and build back-end server systems. Perhaps one of the more appealing aspects for Delphi Developers is the fact that Java is stronly typed and fully object-oriented.

This month's presentation will start off with a brief PowerPoint overview of Java. The difference between Application, Applet, and Servlet/JSP will be explained (with a heavier focus on the web server platform). Eclipse and Tomcat will be used for development, and you will see how those pieces fit together and how to set up a web project.

Following that, a Black Jack application will be demonstrated. It uses the MVC (model view controller) pattern; each piece will be explained along with how they interact.


Rod Johnson works at ODS Health Plans and has written a number of Delphi client server applications using the ADS database. For the past six months or so, he has been working in the web applications area maintaining existing Java web apps.