Nick Hodges' Fourteen Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to BDS2006

Less than half of our meetings this year have covered Delphi (1 month on FinalBuilder, 1 month skipped, 1 month on Java, and 3 months on PHP), so I decided it would behoove us to finish out the year with an actual Delphi presentation. While trying to figure out what would be a good topic and who I might be able to get up on the platform, I happened across an interesting blog.

If you have been following any Delphi blogs recently, you undoubtedly have seen some from Nick Hodges. Nick is the Delphi Product Manager at Borland/DevCo and has been very busy increasing awareness of and promoting the Turbo Delphi and Borland Developer Studio IDE. He recently posed a question about why so many people were still using old versions of Delphi and not upgrading. As you might imagine, he got a flood of responses. He followed that with another entry, this time his reasons why you SHOULD upgrade. In fact, his blog entry is the title of this month's presentation. You can download the PowerPoint slide and Delphi 2006 feature matrix at the bottom of this page.

Not all features are are important to every programmer. But his list actually motivated me to get out my copy of BDS 2006 and play around with it some more (I've spent a lot of time with D2005, so it wasn't a big jump). I'll have a demo of ECO, show some live templates and the new refactorings, briefly show the two products included, and cover as many of the additional cool little things as we have time for.

If you have used BDS 2006 or downloaded Turbo Delphi, please come and share with us your experience. I would love to hear everyone's favorite new feature.


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group, works for Retail Dimensions, and runs a contract software development business in his spare time. Visit his web site at for more information.