Final Regular Meeting

We will have one final "regular" meeting of the Oregon Delphi User Group. It's been a good run, lasting 15 years, but as things change and people move on, other venues of networking and professional development will, and have already begun, to take its place.

There is no prepared topic as there will likely be reflections over the past years and discussions of future trends. However, continuing the theme of our March meeting, another project, a very different one (involving GUIDs, Unicode, and reporting), has had its own "Conversion Story" and several lessons learned from that experience could be shared as interest dictates.

So what's the future hold for this group? The web site will remain for quite some time and if there is a special topic or presenter that is available and interest is high and (most importantly) one or two people are willing to organize and announce it, then there can certainly be as many more gatherings of Delphi developers as warranted.

As always, this has been a community-centered group, formed by enthusiasts over a new language and carried forward into the professional world dealing with real projects and real clients. The group never died because no one wanted it to. The software still meets a need, can solve current problems, and produces steady income for many people.

But more than that, the group has fostered the creation of friendships. And friendships don't have to die away just because a computer group isn't meeting regularly anymore.

We'll keep the Yahoo! Group for continued communication and discussion as long as it makes sense. And I hope we strive to keep in contact, no matter what we do or where we end up.


David Cornelius
Coordinator, Oregon Delphi User Group

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Homer Jones brought a cake...

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