Live Templates

Starting with Delphi 2006, the base product has a VERY cool feature previously only available in 3rd-party add-on products such as Code Rush and Castalia. The feature is Live Templates and allows the user to write macros with customized paramters. It is a great productivity enhancement and is much more powerful than many people realize.

With Live Templates you can:

  • fix typos automatically;
  • insert large code snippets with a couple of keystrokes;
  • remind yourself of obtuse parameter options;
  • greatly speed up coding.

Live Templates is not limited to programming in Pascal. Any file edited through Delphi's IDE can take advantage of this feature. In fact, each Live Template specifies what language it should be used for. There are several pre-built templates and we will look at them.

The presentation will introduce Live Templates, how to view and change the templates that come with Delphi, how to expand on them, how to create your own powerful templates in a few easy steps, and even how to change the default template-editing template!

If you bring a USB drive, you can take home all of the templates used during the presentation and be up to speed immediately!


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software development tools since the mid-80's. He is the coordinator of the Oregon Delphi User Group, works for Retail Dimensions, and runs a contract software development business ( and a web hosting company (Sohlius) with a friend in his "spare" time.