Spring4D is an open-source code library for Delphi 2010 and higher. It consists of a number of different modules that contain a base class library (common types, interface based collection types, reflection extensions) and a dependency injection framework.

We will go over the basics, covering the most useful parts with the broadest appeal, especially concentrating on lists and all the cool things you can do with them. A discussion about the main reason Spring4D came into existence, Inversion of Control, and what Dependency Injection really means will also be addressed. Finally, you'll learn why so many people use service location (hint: it's easy!) and why it's looked on as a bad practice (hint: it's an ANTI-PATTERN!).


Ron Grove introduced the Spring4D library to product development at Retail Dimensions several years ago. It quickly transformed several libraries used widely throughout the programming department. Ron has been in the IT Services area for many years but has become a superb programmer with a strong interest in a broad spectrum of technologies including Delphi, .NET, and mobile.


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