RemObjects SDK is the complete remoting solution for Delphi developers. It allows you to easily build multi-tier applications, publish server logic via SOAP or a custom binary protocol (even at the same time), or even access existing WebServices from your Delphi applications.

RemObjects' concept of Smart Services (services accessible at the same time using different message formats and/or network protocols) are designed to take remoting into the future by providing all of the benefits of exisiting Web Services, but eliminating their drawbacks, which include the notoriously slow and inefficient communication via SOAP, the complex setup issues involved with DCOM, etc. Smart Services provide the easy way to implement fast, efficient and standard-compliant communication--both on clients and servers.

Visit their web site for more information:

There will be one lucky winner of a copy of RemObjects and a web site made available to attendees of the presentation for a discounted price on the product!


Ed Dressel is Senior Software Engineer for The Annuity People, Inc., which develops point-of-sale software for retirement analysis products. (Customers include companies such as Nationwide Insurance, MetLife and Security benefit). Prior work included developing software for real-time plant-wide data acquisition in the manufacturing industry, as well as various contractual projects.

Ed is a member of Developer's Express' DX-Squad and Digital-Metaphors' Team-DM (both peer-to-peer newsgroup support team). He has worked with Delphi since Turbo Pascal version 3 and speaks frequently at ODUG meeting.