C#Builder and Borland's Future

Borland has announced C#Builder, an IDE for Microsoft's .NET platform and the C# language. Even if you have no intention of using C# or .NET, you should pay attention to this product because it is a major milestone for Borland. Borland has created a new IDE core, which will be used in the next Delphi for Windows and Delphi for .NET products. Also of interest to Delphi programmers is a glimpse at Borland's new strategic focus on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

We all know we should design our software before we start coding, but how many of us actually do? MDA is all about design (using UML), and using the design to drive the programming. Two-way tools help you keep the design and the code in synch (addressing what I think is the biggest problem to date with using design tools).

ALM takes MDA to the next step, beyond simply design and coding to the entire application lifecycle, starting with requirements all the way through deployment. Borland is trying to position itself as the leading tools vendor across the application lifecycle, and across multiple platforms.

The presentation will be loosely structured, showing off various bits of the C#Builder product, according to what the audience most wants to see.


Ray Lischner is the author of C++ in a Nutshell, Delphi in a Nutshell, and other books. He speaks regularly at the Borland Conference and to user groups across the country.