CodeWright and Delphi are a perfect combination for Delphi programmers. Delphi provides necessary tools for developing applications. CodeWright supplies invaluable tools for analyzing and editing Pascal and other Delphi code.

This presentation shows some of the ways that Delphi development tools and CodeWright editing features complement each other. It first shows how CodeWright works with Delphi through environment synchronization, project creation, command line configuration and file support. It then describes some of the features that make CodeWright a useful tool for Delphi programmers.


Jim Stevens and Tina Kvavle are well-versed in CodeWright, having worked in the CodeWright Product Group for 4 and 5 years, respectively. Jim has 20 years of Software Development, Technical Consulting, Technical Support Management and Product Management experience, having worked for Merant and Security Pacific Bank before joining Borland (formerly Premia/Starbase). Tina has 8 years of technical and marketing communications experience, previously working for U.S. Bank.