Rebuilding the ODUG Web Site<br>with WebBroker

As mentioned during past meetings, a copy of Kylix 2 Enterprise was given to the Oregon Delphi Users Group to rebuild their web site and learn about and help promote both Kylix and web site development with Borland's Object Pascal tools. That was over a year ago. Well, instead of waiting for someone to have time, we might as well just do it during one of our meetings!

We will start off in Delphi 6 Pro tonight and move to Kylix 2 Enterprise at a future meeting (possibly January). We'll use a web template and put in some custom tags. These tags will be replaced with database elements on the fly when the web page is requested. The database backend will be Firebird on our development site, but we'll use backwards-compatible SQL to make sure we can port to InterBase painlessly, since the ODUG web site resides on Borland's servers. (If you have an HTML template you think would work well for this site, please bring it!)

You'll get to see Firebird in action using IBObjects, and WebBroker, the foundation underlying Borland's WebSnap technology. Several basic pieces of the web site and database will be laid out, but you will get to help design as we choose a layout and decide what to put where.

(Yes, Kylix 3 has been out for a while now, but the concepts will hold for newer versions and in fact will help you understand the newer WebSnap technology more readily.)


David Cornelius has been using Borland's software tools for over 15 years, using mostly the Object Pascal language. He is the current coordinator of the Oregon Delphi Users Group and cofounder of Sohlius, Inc. managing the development of a large web-based project.