Chrome and RemObjects SDK

Alessandro Federici from RemObjects Software will present Chrome, the next generation Object Pascal language for the .NET and Mono platforms, and RemObjects Framework, the powerful RAD multi-tier solution.

Chrome is the next Generation Object Pascal language for the .NET and Mono Platforms. It combines the elegance of Pascal with the power and flexibility of the Common Language Runtime. By borrowing some elements from languages such as C#, Java and Eiffel and by adding its own language innovations, Chrome greatly boosts the developer's productivity by allowing to write less and better code.

The RemObjects Framework is the combination of three products (the RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract and Hydra) aimed at the development of distributed systems that are cross-platform, database-independent and service oriented. During the course of the presentation various elements of these products will be shown and the attendees will gain a complete understanding of what makes this solution one of the leading 3rd party alternatives for the Delphi and .NET markets.


Alessandro Federici from RemObjects (