ODUG Business Meeting

This month, instead of a technical presentation, we will meet to discuss how to increase membership and participation. This forum serves an important place in the development community, not only for Delphi developers, but for all programmers. However, with attendance dwindling over the last couple of years, the burden of getting good speakers has risen.

We will discuss how to make this group more beneficial to the members and what kind of topics are going to serve this commnuity best over the next year or two. Please bring your ideas and join in our discussion. Please also be prepared to share how you might be able to participate in the coming months--the more people we get, the less of a burden it is on any one person--and the more variety of topics and experience you have to choose from for meetings.

Pizza will be available and drinks can be purchased in the nearby cafeteria.


David E. Cornelius from (http://corneliusconcepts.com)