Advantage Database and More!

The topics that will be covered during this presentation include:

Advantage TDataSet Descendant VCL for .NET, the BDP.NET provider and the native Advantage NET Data Provider. Advantage Database is one of the few database solutions that provide complete support for Delphi 2005.

Advantage Version 8.0 is currently in Beta. The new version includes replication, on-line backup, scripting, transaction savepoints, and a newly re-designed Advantage Data Architect.

Remember, the local server (peer-to-peer) is FREE and there is a low-priced, easy-to-use web server license. In addition, we'll talk about our integration with iAnyWhere, a Sybase subsidiary.

For more information, see the web site: For their KnowledgeBase, FAQ's, & NewsGroups, see:


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