Mid-Summer Fun

It's the middle of the summer, so let's set the serious work aside and have a little fun for a change. I bet we can still learn something...

First, I found an old OpenGL program that displays fireworks and thought it would be fun to look at the code and watch splashes of color explode--especially since some major fireworks displays in the area were canceled this year due to budget constraints.

I'll also dig out some of Marco Cantu's Fun With Delphi presentations from CodeGear seminars and see if we can learn something while laughing at his silly programs. You might be surprised how much you can learn from the TNothing component!

Our regular meeting location at Legacy Emanuel Hospital is no longer available! We will be meeting one time at the Lucky Lab Public House in Multnomah Village (7675 SW Capitol Hwy).

The upstairs room we're hoping to meet in has a $100 reservation fee, so it can't be used as our regular meeting place. However, it's not currently reserved and since Monday nights are usually slow, they might let us up there.

The attached file is an overview map of the location. See their web site for specific directions. There is parking across the street next to the "Parks and Recreation" building.

Part of this meeting will be a continued discussion from the email list on the location of future meetings.