DLLs for Easier Updates


Using DLLs when you distribute your application allows you to replace individual components of your application suite without having to kick all users out of the program. For instances, the Accounts Payable module can be replaced without shutting down the shipping department.

DLLs can be very useful in many situations and once you learn a few tricks, are really quite simple. We will talk about how to structure your application to use DLLs to make updating installed applications much simpler to manage and keeps customers working happily.

If there is time, we'll take a peek at some new DLL tricks in Delphi 2010!


Gene Juhos has been working with Delphi since version 3. Before that he used the Pascal language on the Apple Lisa. He started his programming career writing code for an IBM 3741. He's written useful code in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++, Assembler, and CADOL. Currently, his business, Sysmatics, converts proprietary character based business applications to Delphi for several customers.