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Delphi 12 Athens

November, 2023


As you’ve probably heard, the latest and greatest development tool from Embarcadero has just been released, RAD Studio 12 Athens. Every time a new major version comes out, it is touted as a significant upgrade and boasts that NOW is the time to upgrade if you’ve been thinking about it.

You’ll have to come to our November meeting and see for yourself why this can truly be said of this release. With many improvements throughout the whole product and many subtle ones that make your coding chore more efficient, the list of What’s New is quite long.

We will only scratch the surface at this month’s meeting but aim to interest you to learn more afterwards.


David Cornelius develops software with Delphi, both at his full-time job and in his own business, Cornelius Concepts, LLC. He also builds websites and dabbles with Linux.